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Club Digitrax Order:

We are going to do another club Digitrax order. It is currently proposed that the club will buy an Empire Builder DCC system with duplex radio control. (The list price for which is $575 USD.) This system would act as a backup system to the current Super Chief. It will be used as a stand alone programmer as needed and it can also be pressed into service as a booster if necessary and can "take over" for the Super Chief, if there are problems. We would also need a PS515 power supply (5 amp) for this as well. The power supply is priced at $49.95 (USD). The total cost for the club would be $625 USD - 30% ($187.49)=$437.37 before taxes.

The club will also order a number of UP5s to resell to members as needed on a first come - first served basis. If you know that you need UP5s, please order  them for yourself (within the club order) and don't rely on the club's supply. These are supposed to be extras for members to buy later, (the members that miscalculate or weren't planning to build a module at the time of the club order). As part of the Free-Mo standard one UP5 is required per module. There should be at least one throttle socket on each side of the module, (1 UP5 and one properly wired 6 pin socket or 2 UP5s satisfy this requirement). On particularly long module sets you should consider adding more UP5s.

 Members can also take advantage of this order. You must be a member in good standing at the date of the order. You can order any Digitrax item and also receive the 30% discount. You can order decoders, starter sets, throttles, anything in their current catalogue. When you order we will charge the full list price in $CDN and then refund the difference to you when the order is in. (This is necessary as we can't predict what the $CDN will be like from an exchange point of view as well there will be the usual Canadian taxes to account for as well. On our last order everyone received refunds.)

The deadline to get your orders in for the club Digitrax order is the Tuesday March 9, 2010 meeting.

Digitrax Links

DigitraxWinter 2009 Catalogue  Note: the catalogue is up to date except for the 2 new sound decoders that were recently announced, (SDH164D and SDN144PS).

Digitrax Club order form (Club order form, Excel format, download and fill out your order and give to Paul Taylor or Bob Scott.)

Digitrax Home page


Throttle Upgrades:

We will do 2 club shipments of throttles to Digitrax for conversion of DT400 throttles to 29 functions and/or radio for the benefit of our members. If you have more than one throttle send only half your throttles at a time so that you still have usable throttle(s) for your home DCC system. Digitrax is suggesting that the conversion process may take up to 30 days. Mark your throttles with your name on it before sending to the club for shipping.

1st shipment will be done after the Thursday February 25th meeting. (Have your throttles and payments in by then!)

2nd shipment will be done after the Club Digitrax Order is received. (This way if anyone wants to order a second throttle they will receive it before having to send in their original throttle to be modified. Also we can send in the club DT400 to be modified after receiving the new, (currently proposed) DCC "back-up" system. We will set a date for the second shipment once the full Club Digitrax Order is received.

 At this time only the DT402D, (and converted DT400 throttles to DT402D spec) throttles will work with the new radio duplex system. UT4 throttles cannot be upgraded. Digitrax has not announced this but I expect them to offer an upgrade for the UT4 throttles so that they will work with the new Duplex radio system. Perhaps more will be known when we go to set the 2nd Conversion shipment date.

For now, we will take the Digitrax price plus $10 in $CDN funds for the upgrade program. We will refund any difference to the members or charge more, later if necessary, (since the CDN$ dollar is unpredictable!). This amount is designed to cover the shipping cost as well as the exchange difference.

DT400 Throttle Upgrade Options and Prices

As expected:

Digitrax has just announced the UT4D as well as an upgrade program for anyone with a UT4 to convert to a UT4D, see the links below:

Digitrax UT4 upgrade program

Digitrax UT4D announcement